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Whether it is your first time writing the CRPO exam—or your second, or third—the CRPO Exam Video Training Course can help equip you with the KNOWLEDGE and CONFIDENCE you need to successfully navigate this crucial step in your therapy career 

CRPO EXAM TIPS ... and more!

How to become a psychotherapist

72 Pages of Display Notes

  • In-depth follow-along script detailing all of the CRPO Exam tips shared during the video sessions 

  • Tips, tricks and invaluable wisdom spelled out in written form to help engage you in the learning process 

  • Invaluable resource for visual learners to enhance their learning throughout the video-watching experience 

​​*Display notes are provided in non-printable format only so as to limit unauthorized sharing 

14-Page Printable Study Guide

  • Condenses all of the content of the video sessions and display notes into a handy, easy-to-reference resource

  • A valuable study aid which helps you refer to the main points of the video teaching sessions 

  • Structured to allow for hands-on, written instruction…a great addition which caters to every learning style

CRPO Exam Study Guide
How to pass the CRPO Exam

3-Question Mock Exam 

  • A great way to test your knowledge in the most real-life scenario available on the market

  • Simulates the stress, tension and thought processes which are necessary to excel in a timed exam experience 

  • Discover the gaps in your knowledge and practice in advance, so you can avoid them on exam day

  • Exam-writing experience simulates both the remote proctoring and in-person processes

Homework & Study Aids

  • Access to our exclusive Exam Competencies Outline & Study Grid — a fabulous resource for distilling the CRPO competencies into practical components 

  • Guided overview of the CCPA Standards of Practice

  • Access to two simulated exam questions with itemized CRPO Exam tips

  • Links to professional resources to help address difficult aspects of the therapy decision-making process including: custody, abuse, safety, and other confidentiality and consent issues

  • Case Conceptualization Mix & Match— a great way to sharpen your assessment skills and prepare yourself for whatever scenarios the exam may throw at you

How to study for the CRPO Exam
Online Exam Study Tips

Links & Resources

  • Your one-stop resource for all things CRPO exam-related

  • Links to online resources from the CRPO, CCPA, and other professional organizations to help prepare you for the exam experience 

  • Comprehensive guide including links to exam-day processes, steps on writing the exam, as well as remote proctoring guidelines 

  • Please note that materials will be shared with course participants via Google Drive.

  • All materials are copyrighted, and any unauthorized sharing will result in applicable charges being added to the original purchaser's account.

Thank you in advance for honouring the work of the course creators and not sharing content with others.

  • Exclusive access to 4 separate videos, each between 40-75 minutes in length

  • Learn from course creator Rob Stanley as he serves as your personal video guide and mentor

  • Videos are structured to provide you with either 4 weeks of in-depth exam prep time (watching 1 video per week), or an accelerated learning experience…you are totally in control and free to choose your own pace

  • Invaluable CRPO Exam tips about: how the exam is structured; how it is scored; how to approach the exam as a whole, and how to approach each individual question

  • Insider details on the number of questions asked, the types of questions asked, and how to achieve a passing grade

  • 7 Amazing CRPO Exam Tips to help take your exam-writing experience to the next level 

  • Detailed explanations of how to navigate the exam-writing experience, including tips on handling exam day stress and anxiety 

  • Access to a 3-question mock exam, including detailed walk-throughs of each question to help maximize your learning and awareness 

Rob Stanley, creator of the CRPO Exam Video Training Course
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