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What Types of Questions Are Asked On The CRPO Exam

There are 2 types of questions which will be asked during the exam.

1. Information Gathering Questions


These are questions that are designed to discover relevant facts about the client. These questions typically involve things like client history, demographic information, severity of symptoms, cultural and family history, as well as other relevant information. 


Information gathering questions will typically address the question - ‘As a therapist, what do I have to know?’

Example: In your first meeting with Lucia, what information would best assist you in determining potential directions for therapy at this time?

2. Decision Making Questions 


These are questions that are intended to help you as a therapist make judgments about appropriate next steps with the client. These questions will typically involve issues like the client’s motivation, thought processes, and willingness to change, as well as the therapist’s application of ethical boundaries and other similar concerns. 


Decision making questions will typically address the question - ‘As a therapist, what do I have to do?’


Example: As you prepare for the next session, which of the following actions would be most helpful to initiate a collaborative plan with your client?

What types of questions are asked on the CRPO exam?

Because of the nature of the exam, there will be a higher number of scored questions on the Decision Making side. The exam—like real-life therapy—is more concerned with what we do, than what we know.

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