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How is the CRPO Exam Scored?

The CRPO exam is scored using a calibrated value system with scores varying between +3 and -3 per question. What this means is every time a box is checked during the exam, a score is assigned to that response based upon the following criteria:


+3     Of central importance for good client care

+2     Strongly facilitative of good client care. 

+1     Mildly facilitative of good client care.

  0     Does not contribute to client care but does not cause the client any harm 

-1     Mildly detrimental to client care 

-2     Seriously detrimental to client care 

-3     Gravely damaging to client care 


Most boxes will be scored in the range between +2 and -1, though there are some which scale out as either +3 or -3. These more extreme responses are ones which should obviously be selected or avoided depending on the context. 

The calibrated scoring system is important because it impacts the number of choices which should be selected. If the test taker is conservative and does not select many options, they run the risk of not scoring enough points to pass the exam. Conversely, if they are too eager with their selections, they run the risk of selecting negatively scored responses which will lower their score. The ideal pathway is to understand the amount of responses which the test takers are looking for and to only select that many responses per question. This is knowledge which can be gained by taking a course such as the CRPO Exam Video Training Course

How is the CRPO Exam scored?

Another important item to note is that only 9 of the 10 simulations factor into the scoring. In every exam there is a ‘test’ simulation which is intended to serve as a sample for test makers to try out a new approach to a simulation to gauge its effectiveness. This non-scored scenario is sometimes quite obvious (as in, the tone and content differ from all other simulations), or it can sometimes be more discreetly presented as well. 

Every exam sitting is graded ‘on the curve’ with no fixed passing score. This value changes based upon the scores and responses provided during a particular exam sitting.

Improve Your Score On The CRPO Exam

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