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How Long Does It Take To Get CRPO Exam Results?

Both Compass and the CRPO indicate that it often takes 6-8 weeks to receive marks from the CRPO exam. Based upon our research, we have observed that most test takers who write the exam in the Fall sitting (usually in mid- to late-October) will tend to receive their CRPO exam results in the first or second week of December. This is a wait time right on par with that 6 to 8-week timeframe. Conversely, we have found that test takers who choose the Spring sitting (usually in mid- to late-April) will tend to receive their CRPO exam results near the end of May. While this may be purely coincidental, this wait time of only 5-7 weeks seems to suggest that the wait time for marks from the Spring sessions are usually shorter than those in the Fall sitting. 

Which leads us to the next obvious question…

Why Does It Take So Long To Receive CRPO Exam Marks?

Waiting for CRPO Exam Marks

The simple answer is, we don’t know why it takes so long to receive marks from the CRPO exam. The exams are all written on computers and the results are obviously cumulated in a similar manner. One would presume that the results would be available in minutes, as opposed to taking two months to determine. 


That being said, there are three important factors to consider when considering the question. 


  1. The exam is ‘marked on the curve’ with no fixed pass/fail score. Because of this, the passing percentage needs to be determined after taking many factors into consideration. This is a process which involves human decision making, and this obviously factors into the results process.  

  2. Leaving several weeks allows for time to process appeals. After every exam sitting we hear stories of power outages, computers rebooting, or sick children needing care and interrupting the exam process. Because of unforeseen moments like these, the CRPO has instituted an appeals process which allows test takers to appeal their marks in case they fail. This is a process which takes time, and having an extra few weeks after the exam sitting allows for these processes to take place.

  3. The extra time gives the CRPO time to staff accordingly. In the days following the release of exam results, hundreds of CRPO applicants apply to move out of the Qualifying category. Due to this rush of activity, having a few extra weeks of lead time allows the CRPO to staff accordingly for these busy times and to handle the volume of work as best they can. 

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